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We have lowered our prices on your favourite paper lines

Your feedback matters to us, and we are excited to let you know that we have taken steps to lower the prices on our paper products, making them more affordable for you!

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1ply Green C-Fold Hand Towel x 2880
£24.86  inc VAT
Northwood Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Recycled 160m x12 WHITE
£25.68  inc VAT
Leonardo 750 Hand Towel Dispenser
£37.02  inc VAT
Essentials Plus Hygiene Roll 50m x 250mm x 18 WHITE
£35.99  inc VAT
Northwood Centrefeed Roll x6 BLUE
£18.31  inc VAT
Esfina Folded Toilet Paper
In Stock
£24.37  inc VAT
Whisper 3 Ply Ultra Luxury Toilet Roll x40
£26.34  inc VAT
Jumbo Toilet Roll  Pure Pulp  White 90mm x 400m x6
£36.67  inc VAT
Northwood Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Pure Pulp 200m  x12
£36.64  inc VAT
Essentials Plus Couch Roll 50m x500mm White WHITE x9
£35.22  inc VAT
Northwood Essentials Couch Roll White 40m x12
£31.66  inc VAT
Whisper Soft 2 Ply Toilet Tissues White x40
£20.44  inc VAT
Couch Roll White Recycled 50m x 500mm x 9
£33.92  inc VAT
Economy White C-Fold 1 Ply Hand Towel White x2550
£28.56  inc VAT
Northwood Jumbo Toilet Roll 400m x6 WHITE
£31.37  inc VAT
Northwood Hand Towel C-Fold 2 Ply White x2355 WHITE
£35.21  inc VAT
£48.96  inc VAT
Wiper Roll Blue 40m x 250mm x 18 BLUE
£23.92  inc VAT
Tork SmartOne Mini Toilet Roll x12
£81.48  inc VAT
Tork SmartOne® Toilet Roll x6
£71.26  inc VAT
Tork Soft Singlefold Hand Towel x3750
£67.14  inc VAT
Tork Extra Soft Singlefold Hand Towel Premium White x3000
£73.25  inc VAT
Tork Soft Jumbo Toilet Roll x6
£62.08  inc VAT
Tork Centrefeed Roll White x6 150mx 6
£53.10  inc VAT
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